Reorganization of export business

By reorganization of SHINYEI Group, our Export Sales Division will be shifted to Export Sales Department, Agribusiness Division of SHINYEI KAISHA in Kobe City, Hyogo Pref., from this April. Although we change the organization and location, our business of “introducing Japanese foods and related items to all over the world” will be continued as before.
Your kind understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Our company introduced at internet broadcasting

There is internet broadcasting station named “Net de Awara” in Awara city, Fukui Prefecture. One of the program is “Neko no te mo kashitai” (*) which introduces companies located in Awara city to provide information for the people who want to work in Awara city. This time, our company was chosen and film shooting has been started from July this year. Program goes as cat called Nekota Sasuke came to our company and would assist from cultivation to harvesting. All the shooting had finished and broadcasting has started from December 20. It is only in Japanese, but please check our farming business!

Direct translation is “ I would like to let you use even cat’s hand”.It comes from Japanese idiom meaning “I am so busy, so need to borrow even cat’s hand”.

Homepage open

We opened our homepage to expand our business.